With a powerful electric motor and a luxurious driving experience, the new Jaguar I-PACE offers a driving experience that is primed to take you into the future. When you’re ready to bring home a new Jaguar I-PACE from our Birmingham dealership, our leasing options offer several benefits that will help complete your ownership experience.

Why Lease a New Jaguar I-PACE?

When you lease a new Jaguar I-PACE, you’re getting several benefits that go beyond the exciting electric powertrain and Jaguar luxury. Leasing offers a shorter term than traditional financing options, giving you more freedom in the future. Not only can you decide to upgrade your vehicle more often, but you’ll also be able to upgrade early as new Jaguar models catch your attention.

In addition, a lease for a new Jaguar I-PACE will typically cost you less per month than a traditional auto loan for the same trim level. The lower monthly price tag means you can spring for some extra luxury features or simply keep more money in your pocket to enjoy your adventures with your new Jaguar EV. When you combine the lower monthly payment with the shorter term length, a new Jaguar I-PACE lease offers benefits that can truly help you enjoy your driving experience.

Finally, because of the shorter lease term, your new Jaguar I-PACE will always be under warranty, helping give you added peace of mind as you drive your vehicle.

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