The Basics of Your Car's Engine and Cabin Air Filters

When we take our cars on the road, they are forced to battle weather conditions, air pollutants, dirt, and more. The most important line of defense to the aforementioned attackers are the cabin and engine air filters.

As the name depicts, their primary purpose is to filter what approaches the engine or enters the cabin. For example, a cabin filter will ensure that the air we breathe is not full of dust or pollen. An engine filter will prevent harmful particles from entering the motor.

To prolong the vehicle's life, we must properly take care of these two filters. That is accomplished by servicing the vehicle timely and replacing the filters when we reach 25,000 miles. If you are unsure about your car, you should drop by Jaguar Birmingham and we can review if your air filter is outdated. Also, visiting us in Birmingham, AL will help us give you more insight into proper filter maintenance.

Categories: Parts
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