Vehicle Guide: What is a Differential?

A car differential is one of the most important components to making sure your wheels work and turn properly. Each differential has gears that feed power to the driveshaft, making sure that your axles turn when you need them to.

If you are having issues with your driving experience or cannot drive at all, then it could be that your car differential is not lubricated properly or has stopped working. You can change the car differential oil easily if you know where to look. Typically, the differential is located at the rear. However, it could also be housed with the transmission in front-wheel drive vehicles.

There are also after market and above market differentials that you can use to upgrade your car's axles and change to an AWD vehicle. Want to know how it's done? Why not talk to a mechanic at a professional service department at Jaguar Birmingham? They can help you change your differential oil or upgrade your differential if you want to alter your vehicle's wheels.

Categories: Service
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