Here at Jaguar Birmingham in Birmingham, AL are proud to be working with the Birmingham Zoo to have helped to bring Khan, a three-year-old jaguar to their facility. We are proud to be one of their big sponsors in making this happen.

Jaguars, the animal, are much like Jaguars, the car. They are fast, sleek, strong, powerful and absolutely stunning. Being nearly eight feet long and weighing up to 250 pounds these cats are a physical specimen to be admired. But with that admiration has come to the Jaguar becoming less and less common with only around 15,000 left in the world. This has made the jaguar one of the most majestic big cats on the planet and the staff at Birmingham Zoo is doing their best to ensure that this big cat will survive for years to come, not only in captivity, but more importantly in the wild. With the help of their staff, and our staff here at Jaguar Birmingham, we want to educate children all over of how they can help.

If you want to take a gander at Khan take a driver over 2630 Cahaba Rd, Birmingham, AL and visit our wonderful zoo. If you would like to enjoy the automotive equivalent, come on over to Jaguar Birmingham and check out both our selection of new Jaguar models and our pre-owned Jaguar models. See you soon!