Sometimes when a car, SUV or truck lease is coming to and end, people don't really know what to expect. This could cause some anxiety for drivers because they don't know what vehicle to lease or purchase next. To assist our customers here in Birmingham and beyond, here are some clear options to help you get ready for the end of your Jaguar lease and figure out what your next move is.

  • 1. Return the leased Jaguar to us: You can return the leased vehicle to our dealership if you are ready to part ways.
  • 2. Lease another new Jaguar: You can turn in your current leased vehicle and then move onto leasing your next new luxurious Jaguar model.
  • 3. Buy your leased Jaguar: You can purchase the leased automobile outright if you cannot part ways anytime soon.
  • 4. Extend your lease: You can extend the lease of the current Jaguar model you are driving for a few months, providing you with more time to make up your mind.

There are many options to choose from, and only you will know what is best for you. Come on down to Jaguar Birmingham and talk to a leasing specialists to discuss these options further- we are here to help you!

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