Hot on the heels of the popular F-PACE—which to date, is doing quite well across the world--Jaguar is getting ready to launch its second salvo in its expanding luxury crossover lineup. It’s the E-PACE, a subcompact entry that will play in the super-hot segment that premium drivers can’t get enough of.

Recently, barely-camouflage prototypes have been testing, giving us our best look yet at what this all-new entry will offer. Like the F-PACE, it will most likely boast a lightweight, rigid chassis, and have looks similar to its larger sibling. Unlike that car, we can see a much more tapered roofline, giving it an almost coupe-like profile. The rest of the crossover holds true to Jaguar’s modern styling cues, like a large grille, LED-accented headlamps, and plenty of sporting flair.

The unveiling of the new E-PACE is right around the corner! To learn more, check out the video above, and stay tuned to our blog. If you’re here to learn more about another new Jaguar model, contact our Birmingham, AL sales team at your convenience.

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