Jaguar Moves into the Electric Market

Jaguar has seen that Americans appreciate a vehicle that has a lot of room and an eco-friendly design. That is why Jaguar will be revealing the I-PACE at the Geneva Car Show in March, and releasing it in 2018. The I-PACE is the first Jaguar vehicle to be electric, and with the stats that it's putting out, hopefully not the last.

The I-PACE has room for five people to sit comfortable because of the cab-forward design: electric vehicles don’t require an engine up front, leaving more room for passengers. The electric motors are no joke though, there are two 200-horsepower motors, one above each axle, that gives the I-PACE its 400 horsepower. If that wasn’t enough to impress, the vehicle has a range of 220 miles, and only a two-hour charge time to full. Jaguar has gone further than many expected to ensure their leap into electric vehicles is successful, and it looks like it will pay off.

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