Drivers all around the world have been taking notice of the all-new Jaguar XE, and it’s pretty clear that the new sedan has found it’s home among the sport sedan greats. If this big cat is on your wish list and you need a nudge over to the jungle side, Autotrader has put out one of their “Five Reasons to Buy” videos to help you along.

We’ll let you discover those reasons for yourself in the video above, but it doesn’t mention everything. The new aluminum-intensive architecture of the new XE gives it a lighter weight and increased rigidity give it stellar sports sedan credentials. Three available engines, including a diesel, offer a wide variety of powertrain choices. If you’re interested in the XE for its Jaguar-branded performance, you’ll find nothing lacking from behind the wheel.

To explore the all-new XE for yourself, schedule a test drive with us at our Jaguar dealership in Birmingham, AL. We’d be happy to go over all the available options, and help you find the model that speaks to your tastes.

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