Pay Closer Attention to Your Tire Tread

Neglect paying closer attention to the health of the tread on your car tires and you might be in for serious trouble when those tires fail on the highway. It takes seconds to look for signs of wear on the tires, and here at Jaguar Birmingham, we urge you to not put it off any longer.

Those uneven patches in the tire tread are telling you the tires have not been rotated enough. This situation could lead to the car not being able to stop in an emergency or even be able to effectively grip the roads in slick weather conditions. Cracks in the tire tread could spell trouble when moving at high speed.

If the cracks are getting bigger or the tread is separating from the tire, it is time to get them to a service center. Visit our Jaguar service center in Birmingham and our team will not only inspect and rotate the tires, we can tell you when it is time to have the tires replaced.

Categories: Parts
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