If you follow automotive news as avidly as we do here at Jaguar Birmingham, you know that a lot of research and development is going into autonomous vehicles these days. These vehicle are poised to revolutionize the automotive industry, as many autonomous vehicles are said to be safer even than conventional vehicles. However, these autonomous vehicles have largely been dependent upon the data that they can collect directly through the sensors and equipment in the vehicle. This week, Jaguar aims to change that, with a new round of road testing on innovative autonomous technologies incorporated with connected car technology.

For those of you not familiar with the concept of connected car technology, it aims to function much like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi does in your home, connecting devices to share information. However, in this case, the devices are highly advanced Jaguar models, like the Jaguar XF and new Jaguar F-PACE, on the road. Through this testing, Jaguar hopes to create a prototype of a successful network of connected vehicles, each feeding data about road conditions, obstacles, and other infrastructure to each other, helping provide autonomous systems with the best information to inform decision making.

With this new road test, Jaguar hopes to build the groundwork for a smarter, more efficient roadway of the future. However, autonomous technology like this still has a number of hurdles to surmount before we'll see it offered in standard models. That said, the Jaguar XF and F-PACE used in this testing are still packed with intelligent features, even without autonomous driving or connected vehicle capabilities. So, if you'd like to get behind the wheel of one of these highly advanced new Jaguar models today, visit us at Jaguar Birmingham for a test drive today!

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